improving your quality of life

We are glad to present you our catalogue of special equipment focused on nursing homes, hospital centres and private homes as well.


On that wide range of products there is our commitment to offer very functional and practical articles with an exclusive design; and all together with the same aim to provide a high living quality to their users who have different special needs.


Behind each article there are the best manufacturers and teams of designers that at present can be found in Europe on the assistance field.


On each one of those articles its design has been studied very carefully and even in some of them during many years in order to achieve the best possible aids that can be found in the market to help improve the living quality of their users.


For doing this it has been studied the best possible ergonomic design, so as its use could be the more natural and simple as possible, always having in mind a modern design that makes them very different to the rest of articles that there are in the market.


You can find on them many details that will improve your life, but also they are designed thinking on the professional assistants who during many times have to use those aids for attending the elderly people and patients in hospitals.


With all our collaborators that we work with, it makes possible that ORTO EXPORT can offer you a comprehensive and a high level range of equipment on the assistance and healthy fields.


We wish that with all this family of products that we are presenting on this website we can help you to find all the information on our products that you can be looking for.


From our side we remain at your disposal for any other information or request that you can need from us.


With kind regards.